Service Type Duration Price
Dog Walking One-to-One 30 Minutes £8*
60 Minutes £10*
Pet Taxi Tailored to client’s needs £10 per hour (rounded up to the nearest hour) plus mileage @ £0.45 per mile after 10 miles
Pop in Service 1 No. 20 Minutes (2 No. visits during the same day) £6* (£11)*
1 No. 30 Minutes (2 No. Visits in the same day) £8* (£15)*
1 No. 60 Minutes (2 No. Visits in the same day) £10* (£19)*
Wedding Chaperone Tailored to client’s needs £POA


* bank holidays are charged at double time.

Please note that our prices are inclusive of travel up to 10 miles, our inclusive miles are deducted from the total mileage for single or multiple visits.

Small low maintenance pets such as fish, hamsters, guinea pigs etc. are catered for under our pop in service.

Pop in services are charged by the visit and length of time not per animal.

Contact Lorna on 07795 144782 for more information.